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Engine Light -

This could mean a possible problem relating to the running of your engine.

Oil -

An oil light can mean two things, either the oil level is low and this should be checked on your vehicles dipstick, or through the the dash level check. Or the oil pressure is too low/high, this would need to be checked and diagnosed.

Screenwash - 

The screen wash is low and needs topping up.

Here are a few lights you may see:

Coolant -

This normally means the engine temperature is too high, it is best to stop the vehicle in a safe place and allow to cool down. It can also mean the coolant level is too low, we have the ability to fully pressure test cooling system to see if there are any leaks and rectify them.


The air bag system has detected a fault and will require checking on a diagnostic machine. 

Warning lights on your dash can be a worrying time but here at DMG We have a selection of up to date advanced diagnostic equipment, which allows us to fully diagnose your vehicle. 

Warning lights may just be informing you that it's time to service your vehicle or they could be letting you know something isn't quiet right. This might just need to be reset or it could potentially lead to a more serious issue that requires immediate attention and repair.

ABS/Handbrake - 

Your brake system requires checking and may need pads, discs or both replacing. 


There is a problem with the charging system, it doesn't just mean your battery is faulty.